Makita PF0610 Submersible Water Pump for Dirty Paper 10,800 l/h

rain barrels or flooded cellars, Submersible pump for waste water with a max. Ideal for pumping water out of swimming pools. particle size of 35 mm, 800 l/h: DIY & Tools, Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more, 800 l/h, Shop Makita PF0610 Submersible Water Pump for Dirty Paper 10, Makita PF0610 Submersible Water Pump for Dirty Paper 10.

Makita PF0610 Submersible Water Pump for Dirty Paper 10,800 l/h

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Makita PF0610 Submersible Water Pump for Dirty Paper 10,800 l/h

Reducing your business or home energy costs

We specialise in reducing your business or home energy costs. We are saving our clients millions of dollars every year through our comprehensive suite of products and services. Don't pay more than you should for electricity or gas. Talk to us today to start saving for more important things.

Save Now on Business or Home Energy Bills

Don't pay too much for your small business or home energy. We help our clients to get better energy prices through group buy and energy comparisons. Click here to see how much you can save. No cost and no obligation.

Corporate, Commercial and Industrial Bill Analysis

We do a comprehensive review of your corporate or small business energy bills, analysing your interval data to find unlocked savings.

Solar or Appropriate Clean Technology

Having assessed your energy needs, we find the best technology to reduce or generate more energy savings.

Solar for Business or Home

The Victorian Government has just introduced a new subsidy of up to 50% of the cost of a new solar system. Along with 100% tax deductibility in year one there has never been a cheaper time to install solar for your business.

EV Chargers and Solar Carports

Parking your new electric vehicle under your own solar carport and charging from free solar power is the ultimate way to say goodbye to excessive energy and fuel costs. Talk to us about the range of options available to you.

Biofuels for 24/7 clean energy

If you need a clean energy solution to backup or peak energy use then talk to us about biofuel generators. They can run for both short or extended periods to reduce demand or in a blackout

Our Services

The team at ABS have been solving energy and sustainability problems since the 1970’s. The value we offer you is the ability to look at problems differently, practically then offer creative and cost-effective solutions. We are pragmatists. At the end of the day the solution has to offer our clients energy or cost savings and reliability. While we are confident that there are always great solutions that will create less pollution and be better for the environment, we want you to save money and be more profitable, so that’s the end game.

Energy market analysis

We do the hard work for you by keeping an eye on energy prices and finding you the optimal plan to suit your business needs

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Energy Use Analysis

We deep dive into your energy use and patterns over the past few years to identify the best ways to reduce your energy bills

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Ongoing Energy Monitoring

As energy prices and technology change, we will advise you if there are new or better solutions that can benefit you

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Company Overview

At ABS Energy Solutions our main focus is saving you money on your energy bills.  However, there are many different ways we can help. Our team live and breath sustainability. We love solutions that are practical and benefit all of us.  It's our experience that will give you the best outcome for your business or home.
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Active and passive solar home design and construction in 2000, using solar heating and cooling, orientation, insulation and basement water tank (16,000l) to virtually eliminate the need for other forms of heating or cooling.
  • Solar heating and cooling
  • Patents and designs for solar powered heating and cooling systems.
  • 600+ installations throughout Australia, NZ and for the UN in Afghanistan.
  • Solar Power
  • Using PV panels for heating and cooling products since the 1990’s.
  • Thousands of PV systems designed and installed, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Residential.
  • Selected to install the PV system for the solar installer training facility NMIT because of our reputation for quality of work.
  • Solar carport (100kW) and innovative NE NW orientation ground mount PV (460kW) for large regional oilseed processor so solar generation profile better matched energy use instead of peaking midday. Built in 2014.
  • Project Manager for first large-scale solar farm in SA (6MW) 2017.
  • Biodiesel
  • Manufactured biodiesel for community group and self consumption in diesel vehicles. 
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Member of EV Association in the 1980’s and 1990s.
  • CEO of International Division of EV charger manufacturer in China and driving EV in 2014-2016. Installed thousands of bus and car chargers.
  • Project developer for electric bus replacement program swapping diesel for locally made electric buses and using solar plus storage to manage charging while reducing load on the energy grid.
  • Storage
  • Actively involved in installing and managing a hybrid Li-ion and Vanadium Redox Flow storage micro grid 300kW-1MWh.
  • Residential storage solutions.
  • Member of Clean Energy Council *
  • Member of Smart Energy Council *

Experienced Advisors

You need people who can add value to you business. Our team have been working in renewables since the 1990s and bring international as well as local experience to your business.

Colin Gillam

Colin Gillam

Co-founder and Technical Director

Mat Lutter

Mat Lutter

Co-Founder and Sales Director

Frank Penzes

CEC Accredited Designer and Installer

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With projects from just a few watts to 6MW we have been at the forefront of innovative energy solutions since the 1990s. We work with individuals and with some of the world's major companies to find the right energy solution for you.

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Makita PF0610 Submersible Water Pump for Dirty Paper 10,800 l/h

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Makita PF0610 Submersible Water Pump for Dirty Paper 10,800 l/h

Water Pump for Dirty Paper 10,800 l/h Makita PF0610 Submersible, 800 l/h, Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more,Shop Makita PF0610 Submersible Water Pump for Dirty Paper 10,Large online shopping mall,Research and Shopping online,Exclusive Web Offer,Enjoy discounts and free shipping! for Dirty Paper 10,800 l/h Makita PF0610 Submersible Water Pump, Makita PF0610 Submersible Water Pump for Dirty Paper 10,800 l/h.