Solar and Battery Health Check

Residential Solar $299 inc GST

Battery check (same visit) $55 inc GST

Battery check (separate visit) $199 inc GST

What’s included in your complete health check and your solar system report;

  • Inspect and record inverter readings
  • Total generation since installation
  • Check against your energy bill to make sure you are getting FiT and best price
  • System efficiency
  • Test of overall installation
  • Shutdown and startup
  • Labels correct and visible
  • Insulation resistance and irradiance
  • Check for recalled electrical products
  • Access roof to check panels for visual defects, configuration, specifications and earthing of the array
  • Roof isolator for water ingress
  • Panel make, Model, Size, Quantity
  • Analyse shading impact on the array and performance of system.
  • Check racking installation – method and integrity
  • Remove debris – eg leaves and other fire hazards
  • Check AC and DC isolator integrity
  • Check MSB for CB and AC cable size, connections and meter installation
  • Check for roof leaks or damage to roof

We then supply a full report, with tasks completed – including photographs with recommendations on any maintenance to be done with a quote attached.

We can assist in submitting a warranty claim to manufacturers on your behalf if required.

We can supply a quote for out-of-warranty equipment. (Quote can only be supplied after a site visit.)

Solar Health Check