Commercial Solar

Instant asset write off

Solar and clean energy investments can be depreciated 100% in this financial year. In many cases this will mean a 27% tax refund in July 2021.

Solar already had a 3-4 year payback based on the typical energy savings alone. Now being able to depreciate in the first year reduces the real payback even further for switching your business to green energy. For some clients, we can arrange a 3 month lease holiday, so the year one savings can be really significant to your cash flow.

Note that from July 2021 the instant write off is reduced and much lower depreciation rules apply.

100kW solar installation for a pharmaceutical company in Melbourne

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The financial argument has never been stronger – don’t miss out.

By partnering with ABS Energy Solutions, you’ll get the smartest solar and clean energy solution, customised to your specific needs. Our directors have over 50 years of experience across a diverse range of industries, so we’re able to answer questions and help simplify the process of going solar—for businesses, schools and public organisations alike.

We are confident in our ability to deliver energy and cost savings. We will show you the predictions and then help you monitor the real-life savings.

We do an initial consultation at no charge to look for opportunities to save you money and put a proposal to you with preliminary costs and savings.

If you want to proceed we then do a more detailed site analysis and bring in other experts if required to provide a comprehensive and detailed model of the best ways to reduce costs.

We will only use established companies with proven products and local support teams.

We can also bring finance for the work and products required to reduce your costs. Typically, the finance repayments will be covered from the savings so you save money from day one.

We will also find rebates and other programs which could reduce the cost of the products and services, saving you up front as well as long term. This includes the cost of your energy as we will do a thorough investigation of ways to reduce your tariffs or other charges on your energy bills.