Solar Case Study

Cootamundra Oilseeds 568kW Solar Carport and Ground Mounted Solar System

Cootamundra Oilseeds solar installation
Cootamundra Oilseeds solar installation

Site: Cootamundra, New South Wales
System Size: 468kW Ground Mount, 100kW carport

  • INSTALL DATE: Commenced December 2014 and completed September 2015
  • EXPECTED OUTPUT: 2250kWh/day
  • EXPECTED SAVINGS: $450/day
  • CARBON REDUCTION: 815 tonnes per year
  • PANEL TYPE: BYD 310W Polysilicone

Cootamundra Oilseeds was established by farmers, for farmers, to make food and feed in a 100% pure, natural and more sustainable way. For more than 20 years, the business has grown to be the largest cold pressing oil plant in Australia, pressing strictly GMO free conventional and organic oilseeds. After successfully assisting to install a state of the art Solar Carport on the Cootamundra Oilseeds site, SSE were thrilled to go on to install a further 468kW Ground Mount solar system to further assist with the companies green energy usage plan.

The Visually impressive 468kW ground mount system is expected to produce around 2257kWh/per day saving an estimated 815 tonnes of green house gas emissions each year. In combination the Solar Carpark and Ground Mount systems are thought to be one of the largest privately owned solar systems in the country.

ABS Director Colin Gillam was the developer and project manager for this innovative project in 2014/2015 and continues to work with Cootamundra Oilseeds to find ways to be energy efficient and competitive.