Energy Solutions

Our Process

ABS Energy Solutions make going and staying solar simple with commercial energy solutions optimised to work together seamlessly. Flexible designs. Fewer parts. Faster installation. And the most dependable long-term solar savings.


Consultation to assess your home or business for energy savings or solar

We analyse your site’s suitability for solar or other clean energy solutions, determine your true energy costs, and gauge your solar energy savings potential. This involves an audit of energy bills and a brief site assessment. We then analyse this information, navigate all available incentives, and design a customised solar solution to maximise return on investment.

Energy Audit

Energy audit so we know the size of the problem we need to solve for you

An ideal way of identifying energy management opportunities in your organisation is to conduct an energy audit as part of the process of developing your energy management strategy. If we identify waste energy we will propose practical solutions to save you money.


Do you need finance and what is the most suitable for you

By leveraging utility rebates, tax credits, utility expense savings, and in-house financing, we create one seamless package. We offer the most competitive financing options available in the market that match up sources and uses, so that we deliver net cash positive investments, every year during payback.


We come up with an engineering solution that is customised for you

Our team analyse each proposed solar or clean energy location, and designs a solution that conforms to electrical, building and other code requirements. This ensures the system is designed correctly and will be structurally and electrically sound throughout its operating life.


We only use experienced and qualified installers to ensure the best job for you

Our CEC Accredited Design & Install team efficiently installs and commissions your system and connects your system to the electricity grid. We are committed to making sure your solar and clean energy system produces its full potential energy output to maximise your return on investment.


Your system is monitored by us to ensure it is always working to its optimal.  You can also view the data and get up to date reports.

Our team uses the latest monitoring technology to oversee your system’s performance and make sure your system is performing optimally. We keep an eye on how your system is performing, but allow you access to give you confidence you are getting value from your system.