Soil Carbon Farming

As a landowner you have hopefully profited from what you grow on your land, whether it’s livestock or crops. It’s been a lot of blood, sweat and tears with many environmental challenges you didn’t expect.

But have you ever thought that under your feet is a microscopic crop that could yield 1000% or more return from your investment? It’s drought resistant and government backed; Soil Carbon.

The agriculture sector was responsible for 15 per cent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2019, emitting 76.5 million tonnes.

Cattle and sheep account for 75 per cent of emissions in the sector. Assuming herd numbers recover from recent years of drought, emissions are projected to rise, reaching 82 million tonnes by 2030.

Proposed regulations in the EU and UK are recommending any imported goods into the zone will be liable to state its carbon emissions and any carbon offsets that may have been acquired to reduce it. This is a carbon tax that will hit farmers’ wallets. Leading supermarket chains here in Australia are already asking their suppliers what they are doing to offset their impact.

You already know your farm is vulnerable to climate change and it may have had a devastating impact already.

But there are things that can and should be done now.

ABS can help with some practical advice to farmers on how to reduce emissions and secure resilient income streams that may turbocharge your superannuation fund.

After an initial assessment, the key to gaining soil carbon credits can sometimes be as simple as minor changes to land management practices. Indeed, these can boost farm productivity and store carbon while improving water retention.  The additional carbon sequestered can be used to offset the farms own carbon emissions or sold to corporations who increasingly want them.

Curbing emissions today is the key to maximising this economic opportunity tomorrow.

Carbon farming is a long-term opportunity, not a get rich quick scheme. Unlock the hidden value in your land, help the environment recover and improve your own farms profitability.

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